Büyükelçinin Özgeçmişi

Ambassador Ulusoy graduated from the Department of International Relations,Faculty of Political Sciences of Ankara University in 1996.

December 1996: Joined Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey.

27/12/1996 -21/07/1997 :Dept. of Central Asia, Career Candidate Diplomat

21/07/1997 -21/03/1998 :Military Service

24/03/1998 -14/10/1999 :Dept. of Middle East, Career Candidate Diplomat, Attaché

14/10/1999-31/08/2002 :Consulate General in Hong Kong, Attaché & Vice-Consul

31/08/2002 -15/09/2004 :Embassy in Tokyo, Third Secretary & Second Secretary

15/09/2004 -15/11/2005 :Dept. of Cyprus, Second Secretary & First Secretary

15/11/2005 -01/09/2006 :Political Advisor to the Senior Representative of NATO in Afghanistan

01/09/2006 -01/09/2010 :Permanent Mission of Turkey to the UN in Geneva, Counsellor

01/09/2010 - 01/09/2012 :Head of Department, Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs

01/09/2012 -01/12/2015 :Embassy in London, Deputy Chief of Mission

01/12/2015 -10/01/2019 :Ambassador to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

10/01/2019 -01/08/2021 :Peace Process in Southern Philippines, Independent Decommissioning Body, Chair

H.E. Mr. Fatih Ulusoy is Ambassador-Designate to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 13 August 2021.

Ambassador Ulusoy is married with two children.

He is fluent in English.


Sunday - Thursday

08:30 - 16:30

Working Hours for Consulate Section: 08:30-14:00